The Vision

Uniting the traditional and the modern, that was the vision which has been brought to life by this exceptional new variety. For more than 200 years Hydrangea has been extremely popular in gardens, on balconies and on terraces. Now, however it is given a completely new interpretation and radiates a new and lively charm.

The result is a sophisticated creation of quite special beauty. Kanmara® Splendour. brings your personal dream true - it gives your terrace, your balcony or your garden that exclusive, unique touch of charm. With its large, majestic blossoms in inimitable colorations and its sinewy leaves it radiates glamour without equal.

Kanmara® Splendour. is a stunning, sophisticated plant, perfect for a container or a sheltered spot in your garden where its beauty can be enjoyed through the seasons. Its magnificent blooms present an ever changing display of colours from early summer right into autumn.

On sale each year from late spring through to mid-summer.

A robust garden plant with strong stems and large, dark green leaves, which retain their colour right into autumn.