Care instructions for Kanmara® in the open ground:



  • Kanmara® is an excellent long-term garden plant.
  • It will add long-lasting colour to your planting.


  • Plant Kanmara® in partial shade in a sheltered site away from strong winds. Prolonged sunlight can scorch the blooms.
  • Any good, well-drained soil that does not become water logged is ideal for Kanmara®.
  • Although perfectly hardy, Kanmara® should be protected from late frosts to prevent damage to young leaf and flower buds.


  • Before planting thoroughly water Kanmara® in its growing pot, ideally by plunging in a bucket of water for several minutes.
  • Dig a planting hole about twice the size of the root ball.
  • Place the hydrangea’s root ball in the planting hole with the surface of the root ball a couple of centimetres below the soil level. Backfill around the root ball with well-prepared soil. Firm well.
  • Water thoroughly after planting.


  • In the garden your Kanmara® needs plenty of water, especially on hot days.
  • Ideally water your plant in the morning or evening.
  • Never water from above in sunshine, this will scorch the flowers and leaves.


  • When planting add slow release shrub fertiliser to the soil.
  • Feed again the following year with a fertiliser suitable for shrubs in early spring and again in midsummer.

Blue coloration

  • To maintain the flower colour of Kanmara® in rosé and lilac in subsequent years, treat the plants from late summer with hydrangea colourant; available from most garden centres.


  • Do not hard prune Kanmara®; it forms its new buds in the autumn. To thin out mature plants remove whole shoots at the base.
  • In spring, as the plant starts to regrow, remove the old flower heads, cutting back to just above newly sprouting leaf buds.
Do not eat.